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Link Shortener built for YouTubers

The new way to share links on YouTube video descriptions ✨


✔️  Keep track of all your links in one place

✔️  Add your personal touch with free link branding

✔️  Shorten unlimited links, for free!

✔️  Boost performance with detailed link analytics

Go ahead, shorten your first link

Hopp opens up a world of possibilities for your social media activity, and helps you get more value from the links you share. You'll get free link branding, analytics and unlimited links all for free!

Show a skippable promotion

Promote a newsletter subscription, your other social accounts, expose your audience to a new product or service and more!

Free analytics

Track your clicks, visits, conversions and everything else that happens after the link click.

Shorten unlimited links

Use Hopp to shorten all your links for free and manage them in one place.

Brand your short links

Claim your own subdomain to be used exclusively for your short links, all free of charge!

Hopp is free!

We support online content creators and social media leaders ✨

Mockup of cell phone screen showing the Hopp subscriptions action, asking the viewer to subscribe to a Patreon account.
Mockup of cell phone screen showing the Hopp sell more action, with an offer for a travelers package.
Mockup of cell phone screen showing the Hopp build your community action, with a newsletter submission form.
Mockup of cell phone screen showing the Hopp drive traffic action, asking the user to follow an instagram account.
Mockup of cell phone screen showing the Hopp promote anything action, with a link to a YouTube video.

How it works


Sign up for free 😎

Register with your email address and claim a branded subdomain to be used exclusively for your short links.


Create your first link 💫

Shorten any link you want to share and track its performance.


Customize your skippable promotion (optional) 🎨

Create your own skippable promotion page to be shown between the link click and the destination page. You can turn it off whenever you want.


Start sharing 📣

Create as many links as you want and put them anywhere, like your social channels or website.

Scrolling banner that says promote, monetize, thrive.


What is Hopp?

It’s an easy-to-use tool that turns your links into valuable marketing assets. This tool gives you a whole new way to promote to your visitors, and lead them exactly where you want. You’ll be able to gain more paid subscriptions, increase sales, show off your social accounts, gather visitor info and so much more.

How does Hopp work?

With Hopp, you’ll create a customized promotional page that will show up between your viewer clicking your link and arriving at their link destination. On this page, you’ll be able to promote any offerings you choose, and then place the links wherever you want.

Is Hopp free?

Yes, it’s completely free to create a Hopp account.

Where can I use my Hopp

You can use these links anywhere you choose, whether it's social media, your website or anywhere else. Offer promotions or messaging to viewers by putting the link in your YouTube description, link in bio, Instagram bio or story, TikTok or any other social platforms.

Can I choose when my page is active?

Yes, you can decide when to turn on and off your links from your dashboard. When you turn the link off, people will still be able to reach the final link destination but your Hopp page will not show up.

Can I access my link’s analytics?

Yes, you can easily see the number of clicks per link, interactions with your page and the number of people that reached the link destination. You can also see the phone numbers and email addresses collected from visitors, plus specific metrics for each action like the number of contacts you’ve collected.

Who can use Hopp?

Any creator who wants to increase their revenue or expand their customer base. It doesn't matter what kind of creator you are—musician, video creator, blogger, YouTuber, writer or anything else under the sun—Hopp is the perfect tool for you.

Do I need a Wix account to use Hopp?

The signup process does go through Wix, but you won't be required to set up a website. 

Short links with a personal touch.

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